Cisco IOS Master Command List, All Releases
sa ipsec through show dxi pvc interface
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Cisco IOS Master Command List, All Releases

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Cisco IOS Master Command List, All Releases

First Published: February 2008
Last Updated: May 2012

This document contains a list of the commands supported in many different software releases and on many different platforms. Some of the commands may not be supported in your Cisco IOS software release. To search for a command, use the alphabet key at the top part of this document and then scroll down until you find the command of interest, or use the Find function in your web browser. To access the documentation for a particular command, click the link to the command reference designator to the right of the command name. This list is intended to be used online only.

Alternatively, you may search for commands using the Command Lookup Tool (, where you will be prompted to provide your username and password.

Command Reference Designators


Cisco IOS Access Node Control Protocol Command Reference


Cisco IOS AppleTalk Command Reference


Cisco IOS Asynchronous Transfer Mode Command Reference


Cisco IOS Broadband Access Aggregation and DSL Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Routing: BGP Command Reference


Cisco IOS Bridging Command Reference


Cisco IOS Carrier Ethernet Command Reference


Cisco IOS Configuration Fundamentals Command Reference


Cisco IOS Software Activation Command Reference


Cisco IOS Debug Command Reference


Cisco IOS DECnet Command Reference


Cisco IOS Dial Technologies Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Routing: EIGRP Command Reference


Cisco IOS Embedded Menu Manager Command Reference


Cisco IOS First Hop Redundancy Protocols Command Reference


Cisco IOS Flexible NetFlow Command Reference


Cisco IOS High Availability Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Addressing Services Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Application Services Command Reference


Cisco IOS IBM Networking Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Multicast Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Mobility Command Reference


Cisco IOS IPv6 Command Reference


Cisco IOS Novell IPX Command Reference


Cisco IOS Interface and Hardware Component Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Routing: Protocol-Independent Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Routing: ISIS Command Reference


Cisco IOS Intelligent Services Gateway Command Reference


Cisco IOS ISO CLNS Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Switching Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Routing: LISP Command Reference


Cisco IOS LAN Switching Command Reference


Cisco IOS Media Monitoring Command Reference


Cisco IOS Multiprotocol Label Switching Command Reference


Cisco IOS Media Services Proxy Command Reference


Cisco IOS Multi-Topology Routing Command Reference


Cisco IOS Mobile Wireless Gateway GPRS Support Node Command Reference


Cisco IOS Mobile Wireless Home Agent Command Reference


Cisco IOS Mobile Wireless Radio Access Networking Command Reference


Cisco IOS Mobile Wireless Packet Data Serving Node Command Reference


Cisco IOS NetFlow Command Reference


Cisco IOS Network Management Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Routing: ODR Command Reference


Cisco IOS Optimized Edge Routing Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Routing: OSPF Command Reference


Cisco IOS Performance Routing Command Reference


Cisco IOS Quality of Service Solutions Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP Routing: RIP Command Reference


Cisco IOS Service Advertisement Framework Command Reference


Cisco Unified Border Element (SP Edition) Command Reference: Distributed Model


Cisco Unified Border Element (SP Edition) Command Reference: Unified Model


Cisco IOS Security Command Reference


Cisco IOS IP SLAs Command Reference


Cisco IOS Server Load Balancing Command Reference


Cisco IOS Software Modularity Command Reference


Cisco IOS Service Selection Gateway Command Reference


Cisco IOS Terminal Services Command Reference


Cisco IOS VPDN Command Reference


Cisco IOS Voice Command Reference


Cisco IOS Virtual Switch Command Reference


Cisco IOS Wide-Area Networking Command Reference


Cisco IOS Wireless LAN Command Reference


sa ipsec SEC

sa receive-only SEC

sample (event trigger) SNMP

sample (expression) SNMP

sampler FNF

samples-of-history-kept SLA

sampling-interval MM

sap-priority IBM

sap-priority-list IBM

save-password SEC

sbc SBCU

sbc ctl-file SBCU

sbc dbe SBCU

sbc dump-alarms SBCU

sbc dump-diagnostics SBCU

sbc interface-id SBCU

sbc periodic-dump-alarms SBCU

sbc phone-proxy SBCU

sbc phone-proxy tftp-address SBCU

sbc redundancy-group tcp (session border controller) SBCU

sc-cold-boot-delay SBCU

scan-interval SLA

scan-period SLA

sccp VR

sccp blf-speed-dial retry-interval VR

sccp ccm IPV6, VR

sccp ccm group IPV6, VR

sccp codec mask VR

sccp ip precedence VR

sccp local VR

sccp plar VR

sccp switchback timeout guard VR

scenario-cause VR

schedule SLA

scheduler allocate CF

scheduler heapcheck poll CF

scheduler heapcheck process CF

scheduler interrupt mask profile CF

scheduler interrupt mask size CF

scheduler interrupt mask time CF

scheduler interval CF

scheduler isr-watchdog CF

scheduler max-sched-time CF

scheduler process-watchdog CF

scheduler timercheck process CF

scheduler timercheck system context CF

schema SNMP

scheme SEC

scope BGP, MTR

scramble IR

scrambling cell-payload ATM

scrambling-payload ATM

script SBCU

script activation DIA

script arap-callback DIA

script callback DIA

script connection DIA

script dialer DIA

script reset DIA

script startup DIA

script-set lua SBCU

scripting tcl encdir TCL

scripting tcl init TCL

scripting tcl low-memory TCL

scripting tcl secure-mode TCL

scripting tcl trustpoint name TCL

scripting tcl trustpoint untrusted TCL

sctp IAP

sdlc address IBM

sdlc dlsw IBM

sdlc dte-timeout IBM

sdlc frmr-disable IBM

sdlc holdq IBM

sdlc k IBM

sdlc line-speed IBM

sdlc n1 IBM

sdlc n2 IBM

sdlc partner IBM

sdlc poll-limit-value IBM

sdlc poll-pause-timer IBM

sdlc poll-wait-timeout IBM

sdlc qllc-prtnr IBM

sdlc role IBM

sdlc saps IBM

sdlc sdlc-largest-frame IBM

sdlc simultaneous IBM

sdlc slow-poll IBM

sdlc snrm-timer IBM

sdlc t1 IBM

sdlc test serial IBM

sdlc virtual-multidrop IBM

sdlc vmac IBM

sdlc xid IBM

sdlc xid-pause-timer IBM

sdllc partner IBM

sdllc ring-largest-frame IBM

sdllc sap IBM

sdllc sdlc-largest-frame IBM

sdllc traddr IBM

sdllc xid IBM

sdp repeat answer SBCU

sdspfarm tag VR

sdspfarm transcode sessions VR

sdspfarm units VR

search-filter SEC

sec-level minimum IPV6

sec-profile IBM

secondary VR

secondary aux CBL

secondary-color SEC

secondary-frequency SLA

secondary-text-color SEC

secret SEC

secret-key SEC

secure boot-config SEC

secure boot-image SEC

secure cipher SEC

secure-media SBCU

secure-server TSV

security MWG, VR

security (Diameter peer) SEC

security (TN3270) IBM

security (session border controller) SBCU

security acl VR

security authentication failure rate SEC

security ipsec SEC

security izct VR

security mode VR

security passwords min-length SEC

security verify MWG

security-group SEC

select SSG

select-topology MTR

selection-method ATM

self-identity IPV6, SEC

send CF

send qdm message QOS

send-lifetime IPV6, IRI, SAF

send-nat-address IPV6

sender HA

sender-id CE

sender-id (CFM-srv) CE

senders IMC

sequence-interval WAN

sequence-numbers VR

sequencing MP, WAN

serial restart-delay IR

serial-number (ca-trustpoint) IPV6, SEC

serial-number (pubkey) SEC

server ISG, SEC

server (RADIUS) SEC

server (RLM) VR

server (SSG) SSG

server (TACACS+) SEC

server (application firewall policy) SEC

server (auto-config application) VR

server (ldap) SEC

server (p-cscf) MWG

server (parameter-map) SEC

server (presence) VR

server (psd)2 MWG

server (session border controller) SBCU

server (transport map) TSV

server absent reject VR

server address ipv4 SEC

server flow-control VR

server ip ISG, SEC

server ipv4 SBCU

server local SEC

server name (IPv6 TACACS+) IPV6

server registration-port VR

server routing VR

server scansafe SEC

server trigger arq VR

server trigger brq VR

server trigger drq VR

server trigger irr VR

server trigger lcf VR

server trigger lrj VR

server trigger lrq VR

server trigger rai VR

server trigger rrq VR

server trigger urq VR

server vendor SEC

server-group SSG

server-key ISG, SEC

server-port SSG

server-private (RADIUS) IPV6, SEC

server-private (TACACS+) IPV6, SEC

server-retry disable SBCU

server_(Diameter) SEC

servercert IBM

serverfarm SLB

service VR

service (CFM-srv) CE

service (ISG) ISG

service (proxy mobile IPv6) IMO

service (proxy mobile ipv6) IMO

service action SEC

service alignment DIA

service call-home HA

service cdma pdsn MWP

service compress-config CF

service config CF

service counters max age CF

service decimal-tty CF

service declassify IR

service deny BBA

service deny (ISG) ISG

service dhcp IAD

service divert-rate-limit CBL

service divert-rate-limit ip CBL

service divert-rate-limit ip trusted-site CBL

service divert-rate-limit ipv6 CBL

service divert-rate-limit non-ip CBL

service divert-rate-limit trusted-site CBL

service divert-rate-limit trusted-site-ipv6 CBL

service dsapp VR

service evc CE

service exec-callback TSV

service exec-wait CF

service hide-telnet-address CF

service icc CE

service image-version compatibility HA

service image-version efsu HA

service instance CBL

service instance dynamic CE

service instance ethernet CE

service instance ethernet (mac-tunnel) CE

service linenumber CF

service local BBA

service local (ISG) ISG

service nagle CF

service name match BBA

service netflow timeout BBA

service old-slip-prompts TSV

service pad IPV6, WAN

service pad from-xot WAN

service pad to-xot WAN

service password-encryption IPV6, SEC

service password-recovery SEC

service profile BBA

service prompt config CF

service pt-vty-logging TSV

service relay BBA

service relay (ISG) ISG

service sbc sbe radius accounting SBCU

service sequence-numbers CF

service single-slot-reload-enable IR

service slave-log CF

service tcp-keepalives-in CF

service tcp-keepalives-out CF

service tcp-small-servers CF

service telnet-zeroidle CF

service timestamps CF, IPV6

service translation WAN

service udp-small-servers CF

service udp-small-servers max-servers no-limit CBL

service vlan CE

service vpdn group BBA, VPD

service vpdn group (ISG) ISG

service-aware MWG

service-class CBL

service-class (cmts-tag) CBL

service-class (enforce-rule) CBL

service-engine default-gateway IR

service-engine hostname IR

service-engine ip address IR

service-engine nameserver IR

service-engine wma-passcode IR

service-engine wma-token IR

service-engine wma-url IR

service-family SAF

service-family external-client listen SAF

service-flow primary upstream VR

service-group QOS

service-mode MWG

service-module IR

service-module 56k clock rate IR

service-module 56k clock source IR

service-module 56k data-coding IR

service-module 56k network-type IR

service-module 56k remote-loopback IR

service-module 56k switched-carrier IR

service-module analysis-module reload IR

service-module analysis-module reset IR

service-module analysis-module session IR

service-module analysis-module shutdown IR

service-module analysis-module status IR

service-module apa traffic-management CF

service-module backup interface IR

service-module backup mode IR

service-module content-engine reload IR

service-module content-engine reset IR

service-module content-engine session IR

service-module content-engine shutdown IR

service-module content-engine status IR

service-module external ip address IR

service-module heartbeat-reset disable IR

service-module ids bootmode SEC

service-module ids heartbeat-reset SEC

service-module ids-sensor IR

service-module integrated-service-engine IR

service-module integrated-service-engine default-boot IR

service-module integrated-service-engine reload IR

service-module integrated-service-engine reset IR

service-module integrated-service-engine session IR

service-module integrated-service-engine shutdown IR

service-module integrated-service-engine statistics IR

service-module integrated-service-engine status IR

service-module ip address IR

service-module ip default-gateway IR

service-module ip redundancy FHP, IR

service-module ip rip relay RIP

service-module ism default-boot IR

service-module ism heartbeat-reset IR

service-module ism install IR

service-module ism install abort IR

service-module ism reload IR

service-module ism reset IR

service-module ism session IR

service-module ism shutdown IR

service-module ism statistics IR

service-module ism status IR

service-module ism uninstall IR

service-module mgf ip address IR

service-module mgf ip default-gateway IR

service-module mgf ipv6 address IR

service-module routing redistribute IR

service-module satellite backup IR

service-module satellite configuration IR

service-module satellite cw-mode IR

service-module satellite status IR

service-module service-engine IR

service-module sm default-boot IR

service-module sm heartbeat-reset IR

service-module sm install IR

service-module sm install abort IR

service-module sm log clear IR

service-module sm log show IR

service-module sm reload IR

service-module sm reset IR

service-module sm session IR

service-module sm shutdown IR

service-module sm statistics IR

service-module sm status IR

service-module sm uninstall IR

service-module t1 cablelength short IR

service-module t1 clock source IR

service-module t1 data-coding IR

service-module t1 fdl IR

service-module t1 framing IR

service-module t1 lbo IR

service-module t1 linecode IR

service-module t1 remote-alarm-enable IR

service-module t1 remote-loopback IR

service-module t1 timeslots IR

service-module wlan-ap bootimage CF, IR

service-module wlan-ap reload CF, IR

service-module wlan-ap reset CF, IR

service-module wlan-ap session CF, IR

service-module wlan-ap statistics CF, IR

service-module wlan-ap status CF, IR

service-monitor ISG

service-policy ISG, MWG, QOS

service-policy (class-map) QOS

service-policy (control-plane) QOS

service-policy (policy-map class) QOS

service-policy (policy-map) SEC

service-policy (service group) QOS

service-policy (zones) SEC

service-policy inspect SEC

service-policy type class-routing MTR

service-policy type control ISG

service-policy type control policy CE

service-policy type inspect IPV6, SEC

service-policy type performance-monitor MM

service-policy type qos QOS

service-policy type service ISG

service-relationship VR

service-routing xmcp listen SAF

service-type call-check VR

service-type-id CBL

service-type-id (cmts-tag) CBL

services host-service peering WAN

session VR

session group VR

session idle-time MWG

session protocol (Voice over Frame Relay) VR

session protocol (dial peer) IPV6, VR

session protocol aal2 VR

session protocol multicast VR

session refresh VR

session retry limit BBA

session slot CF, IR

session start VR

session target (MMoIP dial peer) VR

session target (POTS dial peer) VR

session target (VoATM dial peer) VR

session target (VoFR dial peer) VR

session target (VoIP dial peer) IPV6, VR

session transport VR

session transport (H.323 voice-service) VR

session transport (SIP) VR

session-failover MWG

session-identifier SSG

session-identifier (ISG) ISG

session-limit TSV

session-limit (VPDN) VPD

session-params MM

session-range CBL

session-refresh renegotiation SBCU

session-set VR

session-timeout SBCU, TSV

session-timeout (LSP discovery) SLA

sessions auto cleanup SSG

sessions max limit BBA

sessions maximum IPV6, SEC

sessions per-mac iwf limit BBA

sessions per-mac limit BBA

sessions per-vc limit BBA

sessions per-vlan limit BBA

sessions per-vlan throttle BBA

sessions pre-auth limit ignore BBA

sessions rate SEC

sessions threshold BBA

sessions throttle BBA

set CBL, VR

set (EEM) EEM

set (ruleset) TSV

set active-probe OER

set active-probe (PfR) PFR

set aggressive-mode client-endpoint IPV6, SEC

set aggressive-mode password SEC

set as-path BGP

set atm-clp QOS

set automatic-tag IRI

set backoff OER

set backoff (PfR) PFR

set clock CBL

set comm-list delete BGP

set community BGP

set cos MP, QOS

set cos cos-inner (policy-map configuration) QOS

set cos-inner QOS

set cos-inner cos QOS

set dampening BGP

set default interface IPV6, IRI

set delay OER

set delay (PfR) PFR

set discard-class QOS

set dscp IPV6, QOS

set extcomm-list delete MP

set extcommunity BGP, IPV6

set extcommunity cost BGP

set fr-de QOS

set fr-fecn-becn WAN

set group SEC

set holddown OER

set holddown (PfR) PFR

set http client cache stale VR

set identifier (control policy-map class) VPD

set identity SEC

set interface IPV6, IRI

set interface (OER) OER

set interface (PfR) PFR

set ip access-group SEC

set ip default next-hop IRI

set ip default next-hop verify-availability IRI

set ip df IR

set ip dscp (policy-map configuration) QOS

set ip dscp tunnel QOS

set ip global IRI

set ip next-hop IPV6, IRI

set ip next-hop (BGP) BGP

set ip next-hop dynamic dhcp DIA, IAD

set ip next-hop verify-availability IRI

set ip precedence (policy-map configuration) QOS

set ip precedence (route-map) QOS

set ip precedence tunnel QOS

set ip tos (route-map) QOS

set ip vrf IRI

set ipv6 default next-hop IPV6, MP

set ipv6 next-hop (BGP) IPV6

set ipv6 next-hop (PBR) IPV6, MP

set ipv6 precedence IPV6

set isakmp-profile SEC

set jitter OER

set jitter (PfR) PFR

set level (IP) IRI

set level (ISO CLNS) ISO

set link-group OER

set link-group (PfR) PFR

set local-preference IRI

set loss OER

set loss (PfR) PFR

set memory debug incremental starting-time CF, DB

set metric (BGP-OSPF-RIP) BGP, IRI

set metric (EIGRP) EIGRP

set metric (ISO CLNS) ISO

set metric-type IRI

set metric-type (ISO CLNS) ISO

set metric-type internal BGP

set mode OER

set mode (PfR) PFR

set mos OER

set mos (PfR) PFR

set mpls experimental MP

set mpls experimental imposition MP

set mpls experimental topmost MP

set mpls-label IPV6, MP

set nat demux SEC

set next-hop IRI

set next-hop (OER) OER

set next-hop (PfR) PFR

set origin (BGP) BGP

set ospf router-id MP

set peer (IPsec) SEC

set periodic OER

set periodic (PfR) PFR

set pfs IPV6, SEC

set port flowcontrol LSW

set precedence IPV6, QOS

set probe OER

set probe (PfR) PFR

set pstn-cause VR

set qos-group QOS

set resolve OER

set resolve (PfR) PFR

set reverse-route SEC

set security-association idle-time SEC

set security-association level per-host SEC

set security-association lifetime IPV6, SEC

set security-association replay disable SEC

set security-association replay window-size SEC

set security-policy limit SEC

set session-key SEC

set sip-status VR

set tag (IP) EIGRP, IRI

set tag (ISO CLNS) ISO

set traceroute reporting OER

set traceroute reporting (PfR) PFR

set traffic-index BGP

set transform-set IPV6, SEC

set unreachable OER

set unreachable (PfR) PFR

set variable (control policy-map class) VPD

set vlan LSW

set vlan inner QOS

set vlan mapping LSW

set vrf IPV6, MP

set weight BGP

set-attached-bit IRS

set-overload-bit IRS

set-timer ISG

settle-call VR

settlement VR

settlement roam-pattern VR

setup CF

sf-interface SAF

sg-service-group ISG

sg-service-type ISG

sg-service-type external policy ISG

sgbp aaa authentication SEC

sgbp dial-bids DIA

sgbp group DIA

sgbp member DIA

sgbp ppp-forward DIA

sgbp protocol DIA

sgbp seed-bid DIA

sgbp source-ip DIA

sgcp VR

sgcp call-agent VR

sgcp graceful-shutdown VR

sgcp max-waiting-delay VR

sgcp modem passthru VR

sgcp quarantine-buffer disable VR

sgcp request retries VR

sgcp request timeout VR

sgcp restart VR

sgcp retransmit timer VR

sgcp timer VR

sgcp tse payload VR

sgi beep listener ISG

shape QOS

shape (percent) QOS

shape (policy-map class) QOS

shape adaptive QOS

shape fecn-adapt QOS

shape fr-voice-adapt WAN

shape max-buffers QOS

shdsl annex IR

shdsl rate IR

shelf-id DIA, IR

shell environment load SHL

shell environment save SHL

shell init SHL

shell processing SHL

shortcut-frame-count ATM

shortcut-frame-time ATM

show CF, LSW

show command append CF

show command begin CF

show command exclude CF

show command include CF

show command redirect CF

show command section CF

show command tee CF

show <command> append CF

show <command> begin CF

show <command> exclude CF

show <command> include CF

show <command> redirect CF

show <command> section CF

show <command> tee CF

show (Flash file system) CF

show (ca-trustpool) SEC

show (satellite initial configuration) IR

show aaa attributes SEC

show aaa cache filterserver SEC

show aaa cache group SEC

show aaa dead-criteria SEC

show aaa local user lockout SEC

show aaa memory SEC

show aaa method-lists SEC

show aaa servers SEC

show aaa servers sg MWG

show aaa service-profiles SEC

show aaa subscriber profile SEC

show aaa user ANCP, SEC

show aal2 profile VR

show aal2 xgcpspi ATM

show access-expression BR, IBM

show access-group mode interface SEC

show access-list template BBA, IPV6

show access-lists IPV6, SEC

show access-lists compiled SEC

show access-lists rate-limit QOS

show acircuit checkpoint MP, WAN

show adjacency IPV6, ISW

show alarm-interface IR

show aliases CF

show alignment CF

show alps ascu IBM

show alps circuits IBM

show alps peers IBM

show als IR

show ancp an-port ANCP

show ancp an-port circuit-id ANCP

show ancp an-port neighbor description ANCP

show ancp neighbor ANCP

show ancp neighbor description ANCP

show ancp neighbor sender-name ANCP

show ancp neighbor statistics ANCP

show ancp neighbor summary ANCP

show ancp port ANCP

show ancp session ANCP

show ancp session event ANCP

show ancp statistics ANCP

show ancp status ANCP

show appfw SEC

show appletalk access-lists ATK

show appletalk adjacent-routes ATK

show appletalk arp ATK

show appletalk aurp events ATK

show appletalk aurp topology ATK

show appletalk cache ATK

show appletalk domain ATK

show appletalk eigrp interfaces ATK

show appletalk eigrp neighbors ATK

show appletalk eigrp topology ATK

show appletalk globals ATK

show appletalk interface ATK

show appletalk macip-clients ATK

show appletalk macip-servers ATK

show appletalk macip-traffic ATK

show appletalk name-cache ATK

show appletalk nbp ATK

show appletalk neighbors ATK

show appletalk remap ATK

show appletalk route ATK

show appletalk sockets ATK

show appletalk static ATK

show appletalk traffic ATK

show appletalk zone ATK

show application-buckets CBL

show aps IR

show arap TSV

show archive CF

show archive config differences CF

show archive config incremental-diffs CF

show archive config rollback timer CF

show archive log config CF

show arp IAD

show arp application IAD

show arp ha IAD

show arp summary IAD

show as5400 CF

show ase SEC

show asic-version IR

show async status DIA

show atm arp-server ATM

show atm bundle QOS

show atm bundle stat QOS

show atm bundle svc QOS

show atm bundle svc stat QOS

show atm class-links ATM

show atm ilmi-configuration ATM

show atm ilmi-status ATM

show atm interface atm ATM

show atm map ATM, IPV6

show atm pvc ANCP, ATM

show atm pvc dbs ATM

show atm signalling statistics ATM

show atm svc ATM

show atm svc ppp BBA

show atm traffic ATM

show atm vc ATM, MP

show atm video-voice address VR

show atm vp ATM

show audit SEC

show authentication interface SEC

show authentication registrations SEC

show authentication sessions SEC

show auto discovery qos QOS

show auto qos QOS

show auto secure config SEC

show auto-config VR

show autoupgrade configuration unknown CF

show backhaul-session-manager group VR

show backhaul-session-manager session VR

show backhaul-session-manager set VR

show backup DIA

show bcm560x CF

show bfd drops IRI

show bfd neighbors IPV6, IRI

show bfd summary IPV6, IRI

show bgp all community BGP

show bgp all neighbors BGP

show bgp ipv6 BGP, IPV6

show bgp ipv6 community IPV6

show bgp ipv6 community-list IPV6

show bgp ipv6 dampened-paths IPV6

show bgp ipv6 filter-list IPV6

show bgp ipv6 flap-statistics IPV6

show bgp ipv6 inconsistent-as IPV6

show bgp ipv6 labels IPV6

show bgp ipv6 neighbors IPV6

show bgp ipv6 paths IPV6

show bgp ipv6 peer-group IPV6

show bgp ipv6 prefix-list IPV6

show bgp ipv6 quote-regexp IPV6

show bgp ipv6 regexp IPV6

show bgp ipv6 route-map IPV6

show bgp ipv6 summary IPV6

show bgp nsap BGP

show bgp nsap community BGP

show bgp nsap community-list BGP

show bgp nsap dampened-paths BGP

show bgp nsap dampening BGP

show bgp nsap filter-list BGP

show bgp nsap flap-statistics BGP

show bgp nsap inconsistent-as BGP

show bgp nsap neighbors BGP

show bgp nsap paths BGP

show bgp nsap quote-regexp BGP

show bgp nsap regexp BGP

show bgp nsap summary BGP

show bgp vpnv6 unicast IPV6

show bootflash: CF

show bootvar CF

show bridge BR, IBM

show bridge cable-modem CBL

show bridge circuit-group BR, IBM

show bridge group BR, IBM

show bridge multicast BR, IBM

show bridge vlan BR, IBM

show bridge-domain CE

show bsc IBM

show bstun IBM

show buffers CF

show buffers leak BSM

show buffers summary CF

show buffers tune BSM

show buffers usage BSM

show busyout DIA

show c2600 CF

show c7200 CF

show c7300 IR

show c7300 errorlog IR

show c7300 pxf accounting IR

show c7300 pxf interfaces IR

show c7300 slot IR

show cable acfe controller CBL

show cable acfe interface CBL

show cable acfe summary CBL

show cable active-reman CBL

show cable admission-control CBL

show cable arp-filter CBL

show cable bundle CBL, IR

show cable bundle multicast CBL

show cable burst-profile CBL

show cable calls CBL

show cable clock CBL

show cable clock dti counters CBL

show cable clock dti status CBL

show cable device access-group CBL

show cable dsg CBL

show cable dsg tg CBL

show cable dsg tunnel CBL

show cable dynamic-qos trace CBL

show cable fiber-node CBL

show cable filter CBL

show cable flap-list CBL

show cable flap-list wb-rf CBL

show cable hop CBL

show cable host access-group CBL

show cable ib-ipc CBL

show cable ipc-stats CBL

show cable l2-vpn dot1q-vc-map CBL

show cable l2-vpn vc-map CBL

show cable l2-vpn xconnect CBL

show cable leasequery-filter CBL

show cable licenses all CBL

show cable load-balance CBL

show cable load-balance docsis-group CBL

show cable logging CBL

show cable mac-domain cable forwarding CBL

show cable mac-domain cgd-associations CBL

show cable mac-domain downstream-service-group CBL

show cable mac-domain rcc CBL

show cable mac-domain upstream-service-group CBL

show cable metering-status CBL

show cable modem CBL

show cable modem access-group CBL

show cable modem auth-profile CBL

show cable modem calls CBL

show cable modem classifiers CBL

show cable modem cnr CBL

show cable modem connectivity CBL

show cable modem counters CBL

show cable modem cpe CBL

show cable modem docsis device-class CBL

show cable modem docsis version CBL

show cable modem domain-name CBL

show cable modem errors CBL

show cable modem extended-power CBL

show cable modem flap CBL

show cable modem ipv6 CBL

show cable modem mac CBL

show cable modem maintenance CBL

show cable modem offline CBL

show cable modem partial-mode CBL

show cable modem phy CBL

show cable modem primary-channel CBL

show cable modem primary-channel summary total CBL

show cable modem privacy CBL

show cable modem qos CBL

show cable modem registered CBL

show cable modem remote-query CBL

show cable modem rf-adapt CBL

show cable modem rogue CBL

show cable modem service-flow CBL

show cable modem service-type-id CBL

show cable modem summary CBL

show cable modem summary wb-rf CBL

show cable modem type CBL

show cable modem unregistered CBL

show cable modem vendor CBL

show cable modem voice CBL

show cable modem wideband CBL

show cable modem wideband primary-channel CBL

show cable modem wideband rcs-status CBL

show cable modulation-profile CBL

show cable multicast authorization CBL

show cable multicast db CBL

show cable multicast debug CBL

show cable multicast dsid CBL

show cable multicast qos CBL

show cable multicast statistics failure CBL

show cable noise CBL

show cable privacy CBL

show cable qos enforce-rule CBL

show cable qos permission CBL

show cable qos profile CBL

show cable rate-adapt CBL

show cable rate-limit-ccf CBL

show cable redundancy CBL

show cable rf-adapt CBL

show cable rf-status CBL

show cable rsvp flow-db CBL

show cable service-class CBL

show cable service-voice downstream-type CBL

show cable signal-quality CBL

show cable spectrum-analysis CBL

show cable spectrum-group CBL

show cable subscriber-usage CBL

show cable tech-support CBL

show cable urm CBL

show cable us-sg CBL

show cable-diagnostics tdr IR

show calendar BSM

show call accounting-template voice VR

show call active fax IPV6, VR

show call active media VR

show call active video VR

show call active voice IPV6, VR

show call admission statistics BBA, SEC

show call application app-level VR

show call application gateway-level VR

show call application interface VR

show call application services registry VR

show call application session-level VR

show call application sessions VR

show call application voice VR

show call calltracker active DIA

show call calltracker handle DIA

show call calltracker history DIA

show call calltracker summary DIA

show call fallback cache VR

show call fallback config VR

show call fallback stats VR

show call filter components VR

show call filter match-list VR

show call history fax IPV6, VR

show call history media VR

show call history video VR

show call history video record VR

show call history voice IPV6, VR

show call language voice VR

show call leg VR

show call media forking VR

show call progress tone DIA

show call prompt-mem-usage VR

show call resource voice stats VR

show call resource voice threshold VR

show call rsvp-sync conf VR

show call rsvp-sync stats VR

show call spike status VR

show call threshold VR

show call treatment VR

show call-home HA

show call-router routes VR

show call-router status VR

show caller DIA

show callmon VR

show catalyst6000 CF, IR

show cca DIA

show ccm clients BBA

show ccm group WAN

show ccm queues BBA

show ccm sessions BBA, WAN

show ccm-manager VR

show cdapi VR

show cdma pdsn MWP

show cdma pdsn accounting MWP

show cdma pdsn accounting detail MWP

show cdma pdsn accounting session MWP

show cdma pdsn accounting session detail MWP

show cdma pdsn accounting session flow MWP

show cdma pdsn accounting session flow user MWP

show cdma pdsn ahdlc MWP

show cdma pdsn cluster controller MWP

show cdma pdsn cluster controller configuration MWP

show cdma pdsn cluster controller member MWP

show cdma pdsn cluster controller session MWP

show cdma pdsn cluster controller statistics MWP

show cdma pdsn cluster member MWP

show cdma pdsn flow MWP

show cdma pdsn flow service MWP

show cdma pdsn pcf MWP

show cdma pdsn redundancy MWP

show cdma pdsn redundancy statistics MWP

show cdma pdsn resource MWP

show cdma pdsn selection MWP

show cdma pdsn session MWP

show cdma pdsn statistics MWP

show cdma pdsn statistics prepaid MWP

show cdp CDP

show cdp entry CDP, IPV6

show cdp interface CDP

show cdp neighbors CDP, IPV6

show cdp tlv CDP

show cdp traffic CDP

show cef IPV6, ISW

show cef drop ISW

show cef events ISW

show cef features global ISW

show cef interface IPV6, ISW

show cef interface policy-statistics ISW

show cef linecard IPV6, ISW

show cef memory ISW

show cef not-cef-switched ISW

show cef nsf HA

show cef state HA, ISW

show cef subtree context client ISW

show cef table IPV6, ISW

show cef table download priority ISW

show cef timers ISW

show cef vrf ISW

show cem IR

show cem circuit IR

show ces ATM

show ces circuit ATM

show ces clock-select VR

show ces interface cbr ATM

show ces status ATM

show cfmpal CE

show chassis IR

show checkpoint BBA, CBL

show class cem IR

show class-map QOS

show class-map type control ISG

show class-map type inspect SEC

show class-map type nat QOS

show class-map type port-filter QOS

show class-map type traffic ISG

show class-map type urlfilter SEC

show clns ISO

show clns cache ISO

show clns es-neighbors ISO

show clns filter-expr ISO

show clns filter-set ISO

show clns interface IRS, ISO

show clns is-neighbors IRS, ISO

show clns neighbor areas ISO

show clns neighbors IPV6, ISO

show clns protocol ISO

show clns route ISO

show clns traffic IRS, ISO

show clock BSM, IPV6

show cls CF

show cmts ipc-cable client base CBL

show cns config connections CNS

show cns config outstanding CNS

show cns config stats CNS

show cns config status CNS

show cns event connections CNS

show cns event gateway CNS

show cns event stats CNS

show cns event status CNS

show cns event subject CNS

show cns image connections CNS

show cns image inventory CNS

show cns image status CNS

show compress IR

show config id CF

show configuration id CF

show configuration lock CF

show connect VR

show connect (FR-ATM) WAN

show connection MP, WAN

show content-scan SEC

show context CF

show control-plane cef-exception counters QOS

show control-plane cef-exception features QOS

show control-plane counters QOS

show control-plane features QOS

show control-plane host counters QOS

show control-plane host features QOS

show control-plane host open-ports QOS

show control-plane transit counters QOS

show control-plane transit features QOS

show controller dsl IR

show controller dwdm IR

show controller gigabitethernet CBL

show controller integrated-cable CBL

show controller vdsl IR

show controllers (GRP image) CF

show controllers (line card image) CF

show controllers analysis-module IR

show controllers atm ATM

show controllers bri DIA

show controllers cable CBL

show controllers cable jib CBL

show controllers cable upstream spectrum CBL

show controllers cable-modem CBL

show controllers cable-modem bpkm CBL

show controllers cable-modem classifiers CBL

show controllers cable-modem cmcert CBL

show controllers cable-modem crypto des CBL

show controllers cable-modem filters CBL

show controllers cable-modem lookup-table CBL

show controllers cable-modem mac CBL

show controllers cable-modem manuf-cert CBL

show controllers cable-modem phs CBL

show controllers cable-modem phy CBL

show controllers cable-modem qos CBL

show controllers cable-modem service-flows CBL

show controllers cable-modem tuner CBL

show controllers cbus IR

show controllers channel IBM

show controllers clock-reference CBL

show controllers content-engine IR

show controllers dsx3 IR

show controllers dwdm IR

show controllers dwdm pm IR

show controllers e1 IR

show controllers e1 call-counters DIA

show controllers e1 cas-data DIA

show controllers e3 IR

show controllers ethernet IR

show controllers fastethernet IR, LSW

show controllers fddi IR

show controllers gigabitethernet IR

show controllers integrated-service-engine IR

show controllers ism IR

show controllers j1 IR

show controllers jacket CBL

show controllers lex IR

show controllers logging CF

show controllers mci IR

show controllers modular-cable CBL

show controllers pcbus IR

show controllers pos IR

show controllers rs366 VR

show controllers satellite IR

show controllers serial IR

show controllers serial bert IR

show controllers shdsl BBA

show controllers sm IR

show controllers sonet IR

show controllers t1 IR

show controllers t1 bert IR

show controllers t1 call-counters DIA

show controllers t1 cas-data DIA

show controllers t1 clock DIA

show controllers t1 firmware-status DIA

show controllers t1 timeslots DIA

show controllers t3 IR

show controllers t3 bert IR

show controllers tech-support CF

show controllers timeslots VR

show controllers token IR

show controllers token (IBM) BR, IBM

show controllers usb CBL

show controllers vg-anylan IR

show controllers voice VR

show controllers vsi control-interface MP

show controllers vsi descriptor MP

show controllers vsi session MP

show controllers vsi status MP

show controllers vsi traffic MP

show controllers wanphy IR

show controllers wlan-controller IR

show controllers xtagatm MP

show cops servers QOS

show cot dsp DIA

show cot request DIA

show cot summary DIA

show counters interface IR

show coverage history CF

show cpd CBL

show cr10k-rp cable CBL

show cr10k-rp controller CBL

show cr10k-rp queue CBL

show cr10k-rp slots CBL

show crm VR

show crypto ace redundancy SEC

show crypto ca certificates CBL, SEC

show crypto ca crls SEC

show crypto ca timers SEC

show crypto ca trustpoints CBL, SEC

show crypto call admission statistics SEC

show crypto ctcp SEC

show crypto datapath SEC

show crypto debug-condition DB, SEC

show crypto dynamic-map SEC

show crypto eli SEC

show crypto eng qos QOS, SEC

show crypto engine IPV6, SEC

show crypto engine accelerator logs SEC

show crypto engine accelerator ring SEC

show crypto engine accelerator sa-database SEC

show crypto engine accelerator statistic SEC

show crypto gdoi SEC

show crypto ha SEC

show crypto identity SEC

show crypto ikev2 diagnose error SEC

show crypto ikev2 policy IPV6, SEC

show crypto ikev2 profile IPV6, SEC

show crypto ikev2 proposal SEC

show crypto ikev2 sa IPV6, SEC

show crypto ikev2 session IPV6, SEC

show crypto ikev2 stats SEC

show crypto ipsec client ezvpn SEC

show crypto ipsec default transform-set SEC

show crypto ipsec policy IPV6

show crypto ipsec sa IPV6, SEC

show crypto ipsec security-association idle-time SEC

show crypto ipsec security-association lifetime SEC

show crypto ipsec transform-set SEC

show crypto ipsec transform-set default SEC

show crypto isakmp default policy SEC

show crypto isakmp key IPV6, SEC

show crypto isakmp peers IPV6, SEC

show crypto isakmp policy IPV6, SEC

show crypto isakmp profile IPV6, SEC

show crypto isakmp sa SEC

show crypto key mypubkey rsa SEC

show crypto key pubkey-chain rsa SEC

show crypto map (IPsec) IPV6, SEC

show crypto mib ipsec flowmib endpoint SEC

show crypto mib ipsec flowmib failure SEC

show crypto mib ipsec flowmib global SEC

show crypto mib ipsec flowmib history SEC

show crypto mib ipsec flowmib history failure size SEC

show crypto mib ipsec flowmib history tunnel size SEC

show crypto mib ipsec flowmib spi SEC

show crypto mib ipsec flowmib tunnel SEC

show crypto mib ipsec flowmib version SEC

show crypto mib isakmp flowmib failure SEC

show crypto mib isakmp flowmib global SEC

show crypto mib isakmp flowmib history SEC

show crypto mib isakmp flowmib peer SEC

show crypto mib isakmp flowmib tunnel SEC

show crypto pki benchmarks SEC

show crypto pki certificates SEC

show crypto pki certificates storage SEC

show crypto pki counters SEC

show crypto pki crls SEC

show crypto pki server SEC

show crypto pki server certificates SEC

show crypto pki server crl SEC

show crypto pki server requests SEC

show crypto pki timers SEC

show crypto pki token SEC

show crypto pki trustpoints SEC

show crypto pki trustpool SEC

show crypto route SEC

show crypto ruleset SEC

show crypto session IPV6, SEC

show crypto session group SEC

show crypto session summary SEC

show crypto socket IPV6, SEC

show crypto tech-support SEC

show crypto vlan SEC

show csm VR

show csm call VR

show cts credentials SEC

show cts interface SEC

show cts server-list SEC

show cts sxp SEC

show cube status VR

show cwan LSW

show cwan qinq LSW

show cwan qinq bridge-domain LSW

show cwan qinq interface LSW

show cwan qinq load-balance LSW

show cwan qinq port-channel LSW

show cwmp map BBA

show cwmp methods BBA

show cwmp parameter BBA

show cwmp persistent BBA

show cwmp session BBA

show cwtlc qinq LSW

show dampening interface IRI

show data-corruption CF

show data-store MWG

show data-store statistics MWG

show database data ISG

show debug CBL

show debug condition VR

show debugging CF, DB, IAP, SBCU

show debugging condition DB

show declassify CF

show decnet DEC

show decnet accounting DEC

show decnet interface DEC

show decnet map DEC

show decnet neighbors DEC

show decnet route DEC

show decnet static DEC

show decnet traffic DEC

show depi CBL

show depi session CBL

show depi tunnel CBL

show derived-config CF

show device-sensor cache SEC

show dhcp CBL, DIA

show diag IR

show diagnostic bootup CBL

show diagnostic bootup level IR

show diagnostic cns CF, IR

show diagnostic content CBL

show diagnostic content module IR

show diagnostic description module IR

show diagnostic events IR

show diagnostic health IR

show diagnostic ondemand settings IR

show diagnostic ood-status CBL

show diagnostic result CBL

show diagnostic result module IR

show diagnostic result slot IR

show diagnostic sanity CF, IR

show diagnostic schedule CBL

show diagnostic schedule module IR

show diagnostic simulation failure IR

show diagnostic status IR

show dial-peer VR

show dial-peer video VR

show dial-peer voice IPV6, VR

show dial-shelf DIA

show dial-shelf split DIA

show dialer DIA

show dialer dnis DIA

show dialer interface bri DIA

show dialer maps DIA

show dialer sessions DIA

show dialplan dialpeer VR

show dialplan in-carrier VR

show dialplan in-trunk-group-label VR

show dialplan incall VR

show dialplan incall uri VR

show dialplan number VR

show dialplan uri VR

show diameter peer MWG, SEC

show disk CF

show disk0: CF

show disk1: CF

show dlsw capabilities IBM

show dlsw circuits IBM

show dlsw circuits history IBM

show dlsw fastcache IBM

show dlsw local-circuit IBM

show dlsw peers IBM

show dlsw reachability IBM

show dlsw statistics IBM

show dlsw transparent cache IBM

show dlsw transparent map IBM

show dlsw transparent neighbor IBM

show dmvpn IPV6, SEC

show dn-numbers VR

show dnsix SEC

show dot11 aaa authentication mac-authen filter-cache WL

show dot11 associations WL

show dot11 carrier busy WL

show dot11 statistics client-traffic WL

show dot11 statistics interface WL

show dot11 vlan-name WL

show dot1q-tunnel LSW

show dot1x SEC

show dot1x (EtherSwitch) SEC

show drip BR, IBM

show dsc clock DIA, IR

show dsi DIA, IR

show dsip DIA, IR

show dsip clients DIA, IR

show dsip nodes DIA, IR

show dsip ports DIA, IR

show dsip queue DIA, IR

show dsip tracing DIA, IR

show dsip transport DIA, IR

show dsip version DIA, IR

show dsl interface atm BBA

show dsp-group VR

show dspfarm VR

show dspfarm profile VR

show dspu IBM

show dss log SEC

show dtp interface IR

show dwnld_mgr ISG

show dxi map ATM

show dxi pvc ATM

show dxi pvc interface ATM