Smart+Connected Parking

Improve traffic, reduce congestion

Real-time parking availability makes cities greener and more livable.

Improve traffic, reduce congestion

Helping Cities, Citizens, and Parking Officers

Thirty percent of all traffic congestion in urban areas is caused by drivers looking for a parking space, ITS America reports. This wastes time, is inconvenient, and increases carbon dioxide emissions. The Cisco Smart+Connected Parking solution provides citizens with real-time information about available parking.

The solution gathers and delivers the data by combining the foundational Smart+Connected Wi-Fi infrastructure with IP cameras, sensors, and smartphone apps. It integrates with enforcement applications, pushing expiration notices to traffic officers for ticketing. It also provides visibility into parking analytics, including usage and vacancy periods, which helps cities with long-term planning.

City Benefits

  • Increased revenue through improved capture rates and tickets issued for parking violations
  • Additional revenue from pricing changes powered by analytics
  • Higher enforcement-officer productivity and empowerment through the use of technology
  • Improved success rate in parking ticket disputes

Citizen Benefits

  • Reduced circling, leading to savings of time and fuel
  • Less overall congestion and general improvement in quality of life


Citizens can:

  • Search for parking spaces based on point of interest or preferences
  • Receive voice guidance to a parking space
  • Make payments using a mobile phone

Parking-enforcement officers can:

  • View a live video feed of parking and no-parking zones
  • Detect and report parking violations in no-parking and loading zones via video

Administrators can:

  • Easily configure and manage the sensors and video infrastructure
  • Monitor the enforcement of policies for parking violations

City planners can:

  • Gather parking occupancy, revenue, and enforcement reports
  • Provide detailed information such as time of day, day of week, etc., to assist with pricing decisions

Additional Resources

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